Discover Active Knocker: The Biggest Improvement In
Door 2 Door Sales Since... The Door!

Are you wasting time knocking on doors you’ve already knocked on? Do you have trouble managing your turf and analysing your performance? Do you need a convenient and hassle-free way to keep track of your route and set appointments?

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Knock Knock! Active Knocker Is Here

With this game-changing app, you can finally turbo-charge your door-to-door sales and boost your performance! How? By tracking the doors you’ve knocked on, managing appointments and receiving real-time analytics!

Make Your Life Easier Than Ever!

It’s like having a personal assistant with you at all times! Now you don’t have to remember every single door you’ve knocked on, use post-it notes to write down future appointments or knock on the same door twice.

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Why Use
Active Knocker?

  • IMPROVE Your Tracking System And Avoid Complaints From Clients
  • MANAGE Your Turf And Save Your Precious Time!
  • DRAW UP To-Do Lists With Future Appointments And Tasks!
  • ORGANIZE Your Sales Rep Team And Track Their Progress!
  • SKYROCKET Your Productivity And Performance!
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Import Records From Anywhere

Do you get leads from a source and want to assign them with a route to specific sales reps at your company? Perhaps you have an existing customer database and want to upload them so that your sales reps can see them on the map. Our simple to use import feature comes free with up-to 500 records per month included in your Active Knocker Base Plan.

Manage Turf

Assign area for sales reps to go out and work and analyze the stats from the doors they knock on. Help your sales force knock efficiently.

Live Location Tracker

Want to checkup on your sales force? When was the last time they went out and knocked? See if and when your sales people are working.

Web Portal Access

Our mobile friendly web portal is designed to quickly complete and finish the tasks that need to be done. Running detailed reports and importing records are just some of the more complex actions that simply work better on a simple to use web portal.


Need to come back to a customer to meet with the boss of the house? No problems. Set a date and time with the person in charge and let Active Knocker remind you when its time to take action on a lead.

Activity Monitor

Want the control to find out which door knockers did what on any given day? Active Knocker unlocks the power of management to be able to see the activity of any sales reps on your team. Use the data to better help your sales force that is actually working, overcome the issues they are faced with at the doors.

Customer Tag Manager

Add unlimited tags so that your sales reps can be as specific as possible to the scenario that happened at the door. Team getting rejected with the same tag more then they should? These problems can only be solved if you know what they issue really is.

Lead Location Count

View the areas you have the most leads in. See on a map the total number of homes knocked with specific tags in given areas.

Lead Search

Remember something about a lead and cant exactly remember who it was? No problem, with our built in lead search bar you can type in specific criteria to pull up the lead your searching for.


Have a customer who needs a quote? With out built in proposal module, you will be able to build up custom proposals and send them off to your customers on the spot.

User Management

Gain control over who has access to using your active knocker account. From within the app you will be able to invite new reps, disable their accounts, change their password if need be and so much more.

Property Tagger

Tag the homes you knock and analyze the data. Set notes on specific doors so that you can come back with a strategy at a later date.

Beautiful Interface

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Free Video Series Teaching You To Close More Sales Selling Door To Door

Video 1 - The Opener Pitch
Video 2 - Features & Benefits
Video 3 - The Close
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Simple and fair

Disruptive Pricing

No Contract

Base Plan
$ 99 Setup
$ 25 /Month
  • Live Location Tracker
  • Real-Time Push Notifications
  • Proposals With Branding
  • Todo And Task Management
  • Manage And Assign Territory
  • Manage Users In App
  • Tag Unlimited Properties
  • Team Creation And Management
  • Search And Pull Leads Fast
  • In-App Customer Support Access
  • Custom Tagging
  • Route Planner
  • Map Filters
  • 500 Import Records / month
  • 1 GB of Data Storage
  • Web Portal Access
Add-On Users
$ 5 /Month
  • Includes all the features in the Base Plan.
  • Add on as many users as you need.

What Are You Waiting For? Opportunity Only Knocks Once!

Say goodbye to fussy customers, missed appointments or poor statistics once and for all! No matter you product or service, Active Knocker is specially designed to TURBO-CHARGE your productivity!

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